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"Unique forum designed to actively engage young people in the moulding of their future society. The EYP represents a non-partisan and independent educational project which is tailored entirely to the needs of the young European citizen. The EYP encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills. Since its inauguration, many tens of thousands of young people have taken part in regional, national and international sessions, formed friendships and made international contacts across and beyond frontiers. It has thus made a vital contribution towards the uniting of Europe."

"It was an absolutely amazing day – not just for the young people in attendance and for UK Youth Parliament, but for society in general, as the magnificent debates showed just how much young people care about their communities, and how much they want to help make a difference."

"The UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) enables young people to use their energy and passion to change the world for the better. Run by young people for young people, UKYP gives the young people of the UK, between the age of 11 and 18 a voice, which is heard and listened to by local and national government, providers of services for young people and other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people."

"Yesterday the biennial Youth Parliament took shape. This event brings together 120 young people aged between 16 and 18, each sponsored by a different member of parliament, to participate in (mock) debates, oral questions and select committees. On Monday 16 August, many of the Youth MP's had the chance to quiz various actual Ministers (and in some cases Labour MPs standing in for Ministers) on a wide variety of topics… During the afternoon Ministers were quizzed on a variety of topics. Whilst education was a paramount concern for a number of the youth MPs, other topics covered included, immigration, the death penalty, local government and tax policy"


"The parliament is going against the government; it has just dismissed a minister...
Separated into six committees, the student parliamentarians debated issues selected in part by the Afghanistan National Assembly: development, education, security, stability, gender and youth, international relations and media."

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