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RESET: Rethinking the Political Paradigm
(Author: Suflan Shamsuddin)

Many would blame Malaysia's current political upheaval on decades of ineptitude, abuse, and race-based politics. Although the electoral "tsunami" suggests a rejection of past methods, an alignment on the way forward remains in doubt.

RESET examines the fundamentals of Malaysia's socio-political fabric and delivers an uncompromising analysis of the underlying causes of the nation's current political crisis. It reveals our collective complicity and explains how, together, we might break the impasse.

RESET is meant for all Malaysians (no matter their political allegiance) who are courageous, willing to call a spade a spade, and want true effective and lasting change, in the name of their children, and those of their fellow countrymen.

Political Tsunami: An End to Hegemony in Malaysia?
(Author: Various authors with foreword by Anwar Ibrahim)

Malaysians who voted on March 8th, 2008 both made an indelible mark on Malaysian history and forever became a part of it.

In over fifty incisive articles supported with revealing polling data, this book provides insight into what generated this unprecedented tsunami, and the new political landscape that is still unfolding in front of our eyes.

An all star cast of commentators that include prominent politicians, analysts and figures from civil society are brought together to piece together the puzzle that was March 8th and ponder on a new era free from political hegemony.

The unchartered waters of Malaysia’s new future are mapped out, while writers reveal the hidden forces behind the scenes that converged to produce unforgettable electoral results.

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